There is a land where fairies dwell.

Though I have been there, I can not tell

you how to get there or where to go

For that's a secret only fairies know.

But I can tell you how I got there and how it came to be,

But you must listen closely and listen just to me.

It happened on an April morn,

Long, long before you were born.

Your mother took me and I was glad to go.

She put her little hand in mine just so

And said. "Daddy, can we go where the fairies are

If we wish upon the brightest star,

And if we close our eyes real tight

And think and wish with all our might?"

And so it happened , just that fast,

The house and yard went zooming past

and we were in the magic land

where ancient trees so proudly stand

and speak of all that they have seen

of then and now and in between

and elves are dancing all around

as thick as chipmunks on the ground

and fairies float throughout the air

like butterflies, they're everywhere,

showing mushrooms where to grow

and rain drops how to turn to snow

and shadows how to move about

and little seedlings how to sprout

and young birds how to make a nest

and leaves to fall and all the rest

of Nature's wonders what to do,

the grass be green, the sky be blue.

Oh, it was a wondrous sight

when the fairies turned the day to night

and then returned the night to day

so all the creatures could resume their play.

We saw everything there was to see and then

Your mother took my hand again.

"Now close your eyes," she said,

And when I woke I was back in bed

Where my pillow was soft and the blankets warm

And I was always safe from harm

There's still magic in your mother's touch

'Cause she's been there and learned so much.

A sprinkling of fairy dust is still in her hand

So if you're good and trust and

Put your little hand in hers

When your eyes are closing and your vision blurs

Maybe she'll take you there

Where the fairies float through soft pink air.