Oh, please don't get peculiar, Dad.

Don't stare at the local ladies so hard,

Don't yell at drivers "You're going too fast!"

As you sit on a chair in the yard.

We've heard you swam the Hellespont,

And faced down the Russian horde.

And walked uphill both ways to school--

But too often. We've gotten bored.

Dad, don't call me your baby girl,

I've got children of my own

And please stop pulling coins from their ears

The mystery of that's long flown.

I remember when you were the best of men,

The strongest, the smartest by far.

Leave me that memory to cling to

Don't force me to watch you fade

Oh, Daddy, don't grow old.

Oh, Daddy, Daddy, don't grow old.

Oh, Daddy, don't grow so old.