We went for a ride way up in the sky,

Momma and Emma and Dylan and I.

We rode on a horse, a brindle brown horse,

And rode without bridle or saddle, of course.

The horse had great wings that stretched into space,

With feathers that sometimes tickled our face

And caused us to sneeze, but we didn't care,

While riding on horsie way up in the air,

Soaring to here, swooping to there.

Emma cried out, "This is great fun!"

And Dylan laughed till tears started to run,

Emma was brave and Dylan was, too,

But Momma was braver than both of those two.

Momma had no reason to fear, you see;

Momma had been there before, with me.

Laughing, Momma turned to me and said,

"Do you still remember, Dad,

When we went agliding, just us two?

And I was so happy just being with you?"

Of course I remembered, how could I forget?

Some part of me is soaring there yet.